Saturday, August 20, 2011

12th Planet tonight at the Music Box

12th Planet is playing tonight at the Music Box in LA so I'll  be definitely going to check him out. 12th Planet has definitely helped put dubstep on the map in LA. A lot of well known DJs today use his tracks and productions in their mixes, such as Skream, Rusko, Skrillex (I'll get to him on another post), and many more.

I think the way dubstep is shaping today is a lot different than what it once was, for example, the song that put 12th Planet on the map globally is the one mixed with the help of Orange County producer Flinch, known as "Youth Blood." I always highly suggest to anyone that likes dubstep to listen to this track and most of the time the newcomers do not like it for the reason that it's not "filthy" enough, which only proves how different dubstep is today, but I'll get to that on another post. Anyway here goes the very well known "Youth Blood" so enjoy it and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I like dubstep

I have been listening to dubstep since late 2005 and my love for the genre has only increased. It's funny because before 2005 I was never into any type of electronic music, except for the occasional techno/house music they played in clubs, but you kind of had to like the music to enjoy the scene. I actually came from the hardcore/metal scene so it was only understandable I transition into dubstep since it's the most relevant genre of electronic music to hardcore/metal music.

It all started when a good friend of mine invited me to an "underground" warehouse party which really wasn't my scene but decided to join him anyway. As stated previously I was accustomed to electronic/house music they played in clubs, but it was a lot more simple and generic than what I heard at this warehouse party. It was the first time I heard dubstep and it sounded amazing, the craziest part that blew my mind was that the first dj playing had no laptop, he was mixing from straight vinyl! After that night I was obsessed with the genre and went on a crusade to download every dirty track I could get my hands on.

To this day I have a lot of friends that do not like dubstep and do not understand why I do because I was very into the hardcore scene and some people just never left it even though, in my opinion, the hardcore scene died or at least isn't what it used to be, mainly because of hardcore crews, edge crews, etc. The best way I can explain as to why I like dubstep so much is because the first day I heard it I admired that dj (whom I never found the name of and probably never will) that was mixing from straight vinyl without a laptop and respected the fact that it was all from scratch. Dubstep producers create tracks out of nothing and started from scratch, while regular instrument musicians have a strong foundation and usually learn from tabs and such, but dubstep producers usually just create these amazing beats from scratch and throw in samples that sync in perfectly.

Now in no way am I disrespecting other musicians (been playing the bass for six years now), I am simply admiring dubstep producers for creating a new style of music inspired by other genres of electronic music (specifically drum and bass).